Understanding Net Zero: A Global Imperative for Climate Action

  You may have read or heard the term ‘net zero’ in energy and climate change discussions. This term is used in several circles, such as climate science, energy companies, organisations, and government agencies, but a clear-cut definition of what the term means can be challenging to define due to its complexity and the various […]

The Power of ESG Risk Management: Building a Sustainable Future

ESG stands for environmental, social, and governance. ESG risk management measures the sustainability and ethical impact of an investment in a business or company. Risk management refers to the process of identifying and addressing environmental, social, and governance factors that can impact an organisation’s financial performance and reputation. The goal is to evaluate the behaviour […]

The Importance of ESG: A Path to Sustainable Business Practices

ESG stands for the three sustainability criteria—environment, social, and governance—and refers to the sustainability criteria that companies should take into account in their business activities. The “E” stands for “environment,” which means protecting the environment and the climate and making the best use of resources. The “S” stands for “social,” and it refers to things […]

Risk management in companies: The basis of business continuity

Risk management is an important sub-area of a company’s management that deals with the identification, assessment, and handling of risks. Risks are events or circumstances that can disrupt a company’s business operations and jeopardise or impair the achievement of business goals and results. The goal of risk management is to minimise or eliminate these risks […]

Trustnet.Trade® – The Widget explained

The Trustnet.Trade® widget is a real-time compliance status indicator that can be embedded on a customer’s website. The widget displays information related to four key areas of compliance: sanctions screening, adverse media and PEP because of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF) regulations, Supply Chain Due Diligence, and local audit on social due diligence […]

Global Supply Chain: Challenges and Suggestions for Overcoming Cultural Differences

In our connected world, we source supplies globally in many countries. We face different values in different cultures. How does this affect communication with business partners, and how does it affect how “our” approach to strengthen human rights and protecting the environment is perceived? In a globalized world, it is common for companies to source […]

Why Should My Supplier Care How I Run My Business?

Just as most businesses are concerned with the ethical practices of their suppliers, suppliers should be taking a closer look at those of their clients. But why should your supplier care about your business practices? Reputation can make or break a business overnight. When thinking about brand reputation, suppliers understand the consumer, as possibly the […]

Audit, Cost of Compliance, and Risk of Non-Compliance

How do I weigh compliance costs, such as conducting comprehensive KYB vetting with UBO identification, against the risks of non-compliance? You should weigh the costs of compliance against the risks of non-compliance. While being compliant with regulations may require you to carry out a complete “Know Your Business” vetting with ultimate beneficial owner identification, the […]