Embracing the Circular Economy for Environmental Transformation

  Ever heard of the term linear economy? Well, the world has been operating on a linear economy since time immemorial. This economic model is based on extracting raw materials, using them to make products, and discarding over 90% of the 100 billion metric tonnes of materials we consume annually. This model isn’t friendly to […]

🌞 Sustainability meets innovation: our new addition to the Trustnet.Trade family: Meyer Burger Technology AG! 🌞

The infinite energy of the sun is at the heart of Meyer Burger’s sustainable vision. The company’s high-performance solar modules and solar cells harness this energy in a remarkably environmentally friendly way by generating electricity without releasing greenhouse gases. In this way, photovoltaics is making a significant contribution to a cleaner and greener future. Satisfied […]

The Benefits of ESG from an Investor’s Perspective

Between global warming, political instability, human rights concerns, and high-profile corruption cases, there are many reasons for companies to start paying more attention to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues.  First, Millennial and Gen Z consumers are more likely to favour companies with a sense of social and environmental responsibility over those that are indifferent. […]

The German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act (LkSG): Briefly summarised

The EU is currently working on the EU-CSDDD (the draft of the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive), in which the number of companies will be reduced to 500 employees (as of 15.08.2023). I would therefore like to take this opportunity to summarise the facts of the Supply Chain Act once again. To whom does the […]

How do you develop and implement ESG strategies in your corporation?

There are two essential truths driving corporations to become more sustainable. The first is as follows: According to the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change 2023 report, because of global warming caused by humans, there have been rapid and widespread changes in the atmosphere, oceans, cryosphere, and biosphere. “Human-caused climate change is already affecting many […]

Navigating KYB, Compliance, and Supply Chain Responsibility

What is the European Anti Money Laundering Directive, AMLD, and why should a company combine into their KYB check the aspects of AMLD compliance and a sanction check on individuals and companies? The European Anti-Money Laundering Directive, or AMLD, is a set of regulations adopted by the European Union (EU) to combat money laundering and […]

News Release Partnership Cargodian / Inworks

Cargodian and Inworks enter into partnership Cargodian GmbH from Rohrdorf and Inworks GmbH from Ulm will work together in the future in the health sector and have agreed on a cooperation. With Trustnet.Trade®, Cargodian offers a solution for the automated, regular checking of business partners for generic and specific risks in the supply chain. Inworks […]

ESG vs CSR: Understanding the Differences and Importance for Investors and Companies

Conscious investing and the impact of corporations on society have been hot topics of late among news outlets. Typically, regarding investment trends and opportunities, how to make the most money is front and centre of the discussion. But a philosophical and political shift occurred when the acronyms ESG and CSR were thrown into these discussions. […]

Understanding ESG Investing: Environmental, Social, and Governance Factors

Consumers and companies have noticed the rising popularity of ESG investing in recent years. This is a fast-growing space that has the investing world excited about its future earning potential. To understand this latest trend, we will dive into what exactly ESG investing is, how it works, some pros and cons, and how to get […]