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Trustnet.Trade is a digital platform, which sets new quality standards for compliance between companies. It is designed for all companies, who want to comply on business partner due diligence and the requirements resulting from the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

You will take that risk, really?
Screen your business partners before you do business. Continuously monitor for sanctions and reputational risk (monitoring).

KYB and Sanction Checks
(Business Partner Due Diligence)

One click to ensure that your business partners and their entire ownership structure (Ultimate Beneficial Owners, UBO) are not sanctioned and embargoed.

Supply chain due diligence act compliance

Act now to prepare for the German supply chain due diligence act and screen your business partners easy and in real-time.
The Next Generation of Trade Finance

A product of Cargodian

Why Trustnet.Trade? What do I get with Trustnet.Trade?

Sanction Checks

Identify, categorize, and map your business partners globally.

Sanction Checks

Risk Analysis and Monitoring

Sustainable Supply Chain Resilience due to analysis of high-quality data and continuous monitoring for changes and evolving risks.

Audits on Demand

Your business partners might be far. Book audits online via Trustnet.Trade to check on your business partners.

Practical Guidance

Recommendations for Risk Prevention and Risk Mitigation. Ready-to-use templates. Useful, practical checklists and guidelines.

Trustnet.Trade Ecosystem

Immediate visibility of the status of participating companies without additional cost.
For Sellers

As a supplier, take advantage of our real-time Trustnet.Trade widget! Screen your company for KYB and supply chain compliance. Display the result on your website to the world with Trustnet.Trade widget.

This creates trust, confidence, and sales advantage. If your customers are also Trustnet.Trade users, they can access relevant data right away. This saves time and cost! 

For Buyers

As a purchaser/buyer, you can have yourself and your suppliers screened for KYB and supply chain compliance. You can set up continuous monitoring for your business partners and will be informed of any event leading to status changes.

If your suppliers are Trustnet.Trade customers too, you can access the relevant data right away. This saves time and costs!

Trustnet.Trade - The Product

Sanction Checks

Trustnet.Trade performs a comprehensive check on sanctions, embargoes, AMS, PEP for each identified entity and person (Ultimate Beneficial Owner, UBO) of your business partner.


The KYB check complies with the regulations of the German, European and the US Money Laundering Act.


Depending on how many beneficial owners have been identified, the verification takes between 5 and 30 seconds.

Trustnet.Trade Widget

A Trustnet.Trade widget can be uploaded to your website after successful verification. This widget updates automatically in real-time. Clearly indicates your pro-active approach for the visitors of your website.

Supply chain act compliance​

Verification of compliance with internationally applicable standards on employees' rights and safety, human rights, and environmental protection.

Risk Management

The questionnaire is evaluated using a scoring system. Depending on the outcome, an audit is recommended to examine the supplier more closely.

Risk Analysis

Risk-Analysis for your direct and indirect suppliers, detailed online questionnaires, which contains a generic, an industry-specific and a country-specific part. Query of the criteria of the supply chain law and self-disclosure of the company.

On-Site Audits

Either a desktop or an in-house audit is performed on-site. The audit is performed by partners in the respective countries. The set of rules is provided via Trustnet.Trade.

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Full transparency of your business partners: Ownership structure, Sanction list check, Reputation protection. User-friendly application. Real customer service (no chatbot).
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The Trustnet.Trade Widget

Depending on which checks you have already passed, the checkpoints in the legend light up green. The validity date of your widget is displayed and extended accordingly when the check is performed again.

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